Odisha, INDIA

Co-Founder & Director of Alternative Education

"As per the needs of the society and the industry, it is high time that our institutes start focusing on skills to make our students future-ready."

Vaishali Sharma

Director of Alternative Education

Vaishali is a dynamic global technology leader with an outstanding track record in driving top and bottom-line content development as well as in transforming education with book-less education System (not content-less). She’s shortlisted among the top 130 women entrepreneurs for Women Transforming India Award by NITI Aayog, Government of India.

She has over 5 years of experience across multiple and global functions including Operations Management, Alternative Education Consulting and Content development across multiple service-lines and education sectors. Vaishali has significant experience in the tech industry and has set up, led and developed social entrepreneurs for several global technologies and consulting organizations.

She’s a strong leader in driving strategic and complex transformation and education revolution across Digital, application and infrastructure. Having a blend of strong strategic expertise combined with the ability to transform operations and cultures, she has successfully created Non-profit initiatives, wherever she’s been accountable.


As the Director of Alternative Education, She have started ‘Tab-Based Learning’ method in our school. She created online S.T.E.M. content in our vernacular language which is Odia for grade 1 to 10. Hence this process of teaching has made IPSFRI (School for Rural Innovation) be a ‘Bookless Education System’ as our students are not just confined to the books. The tab-based learning method helps the student to understand their concepts even better as the platform also offers a hands-on experiment.

Engineer Vaishali is now heading the team of Curriculum design, Navonmesh Prasar Foundation; which will implement the “Experimental Learning” techniques at our new campus of NAPSIL, Odisha (Navonmesh Prasar School for Innovative Learning) which will be operational from session 2020-21.