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NaPSAT-Navonmesh Prasar Student Astronomy Team

About NaPSAT

The Navonmesh Prasar Student Astronomy Team (NaPSAT) is a landmark project taken up by Navonmesh Prasar Foundation. The vision of this program is to create curiosity among school & university students in the field of Space and Astronomy. We are an interdisciplinary team of Space enthusiasts across disciplines, who are engaged in projects ranging from the design of space systems, rovers, rockets, satellites and astronomy to participate in various international events.

What is there for you?

  • Hands-on experience
  • Interact with experts in domain
  • Get knowledge in space and astronomy
  • Get Certificate

On-going project

The team is now gearing up for paticipating in NASA Human Rover Challenge. Students aged (14-19) can participate.

Team Composition

Design Team

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Management Team

Bot Drivers

Mechanical Team

Electronics Team

Fund Raising

"It’s possible to fly without engines and motors, but not without skills and knowledge"

Facilitators and Educators @ NaPSAT

Amit Panigrahi

Facilitator, Spectroscopy
Outreach Coordinator, NPF

Anurag Behera

Facilitator, Electronics
Engineer, L&T

Umesh Ekka

Facilitator, Design
Engineer, Indian Railways

Joshit Mohanty

Facilitator, Mechatronics
M.S. Skoltech, Russia

Roshan Biswal

Facilitator, Management
MBA, IIM Kashipur

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NaPSAT Lab, Navonmesh Prasar Foundation, IND 

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Phone : + 91- 9439202276, +91 9438647300

Email : outreach@navprasar.com

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MON-FRI 09:00 – 19:00

SAT-SUN 10:00 – 14:00

Know more about our work here: http://www.navonmeshprasar.org