Odisha, INDIA

Stories of Change

The real success of an organization can be expressed in terms of the impact it has on its people and others.

We bring you the stories of ordinary village students who shaped themselves to become Kid-innovators. Do read about their inspirational stories on how they innovated, acquired skills and became confident towards achieving their dreams.

Basudev Bhoi

Basudev Bhoi (age 11), son of a daily labour in Paddy Fields. He joined IPSFRI in 2015, at that time he used to work with his father in farmland to have a better earning for his whole family. Now, Basudev is a specialist in 3D printing technology. He innovated bionic hand (artificial hand) though open-source material and facility at school. With his project, he wants to give hope to people with disabilities. He aims to become a scientist in ISRO and wants to bring glory to his country.

Ranu Bhoi

Ranu Bhoi (age 14), is a daughter of a daily-wage farmer. In 2016, she joined our 7-day outreach program. She learned a soil-less vertical farming technique at IPSFRI. She has now developed the technique at our school campus with her fellow mates. She wishes to become an innovative farmer.

Priya Roul

Priya Roul (age 9), is a daughter of daily-wage labour. In 2017, she joined our 7-day outreach program initially and found it useful. She developed a Bamboo Robot to scrap out waste from rivers. She has now joined IPSFRI, and she is busy developing her complete project here. She wishes to become an Engineer.

Arpita Beura

Arpita Beura (age 10), a young girl who used to help her mother in household chores instead of going to school. After joining IPSFRI in 2016, she started loving coding and working on electronics. With her expertise and knowledge, she designed solar lantern to help people have access to light and electricity in her village. She aims to become an IES officer and develop technologies for rural India.

Mitali Hati

Mitali Hati (age 11), is the daughter of a plumber who didn’t turn up for education because of her two siblings in the family. She joined IPSFRI in 2016, where she got curious about climate change and the environment. Now, she actively spread awareness in our village by her experience in “Kabad-se-jugaad”. Now she makes science models out of waste materials. She aims to become a designer one day.

Shubham Bhoi

Shubham Bhoi (age 9), is the son of a mason. He joined IPSFRI in 2015, at that time he was a shy village guy. But now, Santosh is good in computer skills and he delivers lectures to fellow students through Powerpoint presentation which he designed himself. He wishes to make computer applications in future.